Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A diagnoses?? What's up with that Doc?

I'm not sure what goes through a parent's mind when their child is diagnosed with Autism. For me a little over 2 years ago, just seems to be a blur. We knew all along that Axton was quirky, but Autism never crossed our minds. After months of waiting for a doctors appointment, it came and went just like a summer rain shower. They told us he had Asperger's, but offered no other help. I had no idea where to turn to or what to do next. 2 years later, I am still clueless, but with OT therapy 2 times a week, a new school, and time to deal with what I thought was the end of "normal" for my only child, life has just begun. Never did I think it would all be better than I could have ever imagned.

Axton is the most charming child I know. He's full of questions and tons of stories. He has no time for small talk and doesn't prefer that you bother him when he's in the middle of something. He loves baseball and wants to be a skateboarder or a hip hop dancer when he's He loves to swim and tells me daily he's running away to my parents who live on a house boat. I say, don't forget your clothes! lol He is writing his name and can count to 100. He has wisdom beyond his years. For all of those things, he just a normal 4 year old. Then comes the obsessive nature. He wants to only drive the same direction daily. He knows who is at school everyday and who is missing. We do not allow him to watch the news, because he can not let go of information not useful for an adult, let alone a 4 year old. Shootings, bombing, etc. it's all to much for his little brain. He has a ton of questions and wonders why he has to take medicine and his friends don't. He also has ADHD. He struggles with change. If he hears that it may rain, his modd changes. He gets upset if it's cloudy outside. He is afraid of nothing and rarley cries from pain. He hates loud noises and watches tv without the sound most of the time. He just takes everything to the highest extreme possible.

I want normalcy for my son, but I struggle with what "normal" is. I want him to know how cool he is, even with his quirks. I pray daily I do right by him, but who knows what right is? I sure haven't a clue as a first time mom or as a mom who has a child in the Spectrum. All I can do is hope one day he looks back on his life and says, My mom did her very best for me. If that can be said, then that's all I will ever need.

Until then...